About inspiredware

Since our founding in 2003, inspiredware has focused solely on the development of web-based applications. From server-rendered pages, to Ajax and REST servers, to GraphQL and JAMstack, we’ve always been pushing the leading-edge of web technology. We're now making our extensive experience available to the wider development community.

The company’s founder, Jim Schlight, has decades of software experience in a variety of industries including telecommunications, healthcare, energy, and financial services. He’s a member and contributor to the OpenJS Foundation’s Node.js project. Since 2017 he’s been a member of the team developing the N-API technology embedded in Node.js. He’s editor of the N-API Resource and has organized and presented N-API workshops around the world.

Below are the ways we help you meet your objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner. We’re interested in hearing about your project!

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Project Assessment

Taking a collaborative approach, we discuss your needs and objectives to obtain a gauge by which to measure the project’s progress and success. We assess your existing code-base and determine if our tools and methodology are likely to result in a successful outcome. If so, we work together to establish a project plan with measurable goals and milestones.

Binding Generation

We generate a complete Binding utilizing our automated tool. The automated tool insures consistent and verifiable results and can be rerun whenever the underlying C/C++ library changes. Unit tests ensure that each generated Binding is producing correct results.


The generated Binding includes thorough and easily accessible documentation. Depending upon your specific needs, we can tailor a custom support package so that you and your team have continuing access to our expertise.